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Wireless IR Remote Control ML-L3 for Nikon 76-398-539
Wireless IR Remote Control ML-L3 for Nikon 76-398-539

Wireless IR Remote Control ML-L3 for Nikon 76-398-539

Kod proizvoda: 76-398-539
Dostupnost: Rasprodato
Cena: 300.00RSD
Bez PDV-a: 300.00RSD

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Wireless IR Remote Control ML-L3 for Nikon

It can trigger the camera shutter release remotely from a distance. The compatible camera has a built-in infrared receiver for this remote trigger device.
Compact design and portable to operate
Reliable and high performance, compact appearance, indispensable accessory for group shot and small animal photographing
Adopt advanced engineering plastics, bright light and precise made
Superior conductive rubber, provide smooth and good touch
Powered by CR2025 button battery, can last working time
Improved design, enhanced application range
The remote control can trigger your camera shutter from a distance.
Wireless remote control built-in infrared receiver
CR2025 battery is included and it is replaceable.
Size: Approx.60 x 28 x 7mm(LxWxH)

Long Time-Exposures
When this remote control is used in M mode, users can selected '- -' as the shutter speed. At this setting, the shutter opens when the shutter-release button on the optional remote control is pressed (2 seconds after the button is pressed in delayed remote mode) and remains open until the remote-control shutter-release button is pressed a second time (maximum exposure time is 30 minutes). Nikon recommends using a fully-charged battery or an optional adapter when using long exposures. For information regarding using this remote control with flash please see the Cameras User manual.

Using this remote control:
Mount the camera on a tripod (recommended) or place the camera on a stable, level surface.
D50 users : press the  button. and rotate the main command dial to access the options.
D60 users: press the cameras Menu button, go to the Custom Setting menu, #04 - Release Mode, and choose either the 2S Delayed Remote or Quick Response remote option.
D70, D70s, D80, D90 users: Press the button and rotate main command dial until   (delayed remote) or  (quick response remote) is displayed in the control panel.
D3000 series, D5000 series:  the option is found in the Release Mode list. Please see in your user manual.
Frame the photograph. In autofocus (AF) mode, the camera shutter-release button can be used to check focus, although only the shutter release-button on the remote control can be used to release the shutter. Note - To ensure correct exposure in modes other than M, cover the viewfinder eyepiece with your hand or with the supplied DK-5 eyepiece cap before pressing the shutter-release button. This will prevent light entering via the viewfinder from interfering with the autoexposure operation.
Aim the transmitter on this remote control at the infrared receiver on the camera and press the shutter-release button on this remote control (when using the remote outdoors, make sure that the subject is not backlit and that the line of site between the transmitter and the infrared receiver is not blocked by the lens or other obstacles).

Compatible With :
NIKON COOLPIX P7000 P7100 P7700
NIKON D3000 D3200 D3300
NIKON D5000 D5100 D5200
NIKON D40 D40X D50 D60 D70 D70s D80 D90
NIKON D600 D7000
NIKON 1 J1 J2 V1 V2

Packaging and Contents:
1 x Wireless IR Remote Control ML-L3 for Nikon

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