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Non-woven Portable Travel Bag 81-708-895

Non-woven Portable Travel Bag 81-708-895

Kod proizvoda: 81-708-895
Dostupnost: Na lageru
Cena: 350.00RSD
Bez PDV-a: 350.00RSD

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Non-woven Portable Travel Bag

This is a Drawstring beam port storage bag, which is made of  High melting lipid polypropylene
and non-woven material production, design two pairs of drawstring in bag opening.
Easy to use, and environmentally friendly, it is  ferfect for travel, home, life is essential products.
Bags space are Large , whether it is to put shoes, clothing or other small pieces of fragmented items are very appropriate.

Suitable for: business travel, leisure, outdoor play, home life, article storage.
Such as, shoes, clothing and other small pieces of fragmented.

The vertical and horizontal tension, tear-resistant;
High temperature, corrosion, decay, non-toxic, protection environmentally;
Good air permeability, and not easy fade;
Can be washed, dried, and reused.

Material :  Non-woven
Weight :  About 34g
Color :  Black
Size :  About 30 x 40cm

Package Includes:
1 x Non-woven Portable Travel Bag

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